All my digital products in one

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Save almost 50% on everything with this complete set with all my currently available digital products. :)

Content overview:

The Ultimate Brush Set with all my 102 Brushes
✓ 61 Skin brushes based on real skin for realistic results.
✓ 20 Hair brushes with single and multiple strands for fast and realistic results.
✓ 21 Fur brushes based on real fur for realistic results.
✓ 9 Min. video tutorial in which you can learn how to use the brushes to draw realistic-looking skin.

Proportion- and Perspective Stamp Set
✓ 11 proportion stamps
✓ 34 perspective stamps

66 Basic heads images to build upon
✓ 3 different head types
✓ White & colored versions of each head type
✓ Additional version of each head type with hair
✓ 11 angles per head type
✓ PNG images with transparent background, 3k resolution

The Complete #DTIYS Exercise Set
✓My sketch files of the artworks "Apophis", "Behind The Mask", "Black Locust" and "Howl" for coloring and/or reinterpreting in your style. 
✓All the color palettes I used for my drawings. Each artwork has its own color set which is segmented into 6 different areas, e.g. eyes, cheeks, lips, etc.
✓ With a total of almost 500 carefully selected colors.

Skin and Face Color Palette
✓ Three different skin palettes for light, medium and dark skin. (with a total of 90 colors)
✓ One color palette with additional skin tones for details. (with a total of 30 colors)
✓ Three different color palettes for blue, green, and brown eyes. (with a total of 90 colors)
✓ One color palette with different shades of white for eyes and teeth (with a total of 30 colors)

Color Inspiration Set (Freebie)
✓ Pack 1: 6 color swatches with a total of 180 pastel colors for vintage designs.
✓ Pack 2: 15 color swatches with a total of 450 bright colors for eye-catching designs.

7 Drawn Hand Templates (Freebie)
✓ Need some helping hands?! :D Here you have 7 realistically drawn hands that you can use as templates for your own artworks. Or just use the sketch layers for training purposes.

Drawing e-Workbooks Vol. 1-4
Volume 01 - How to Start Drawing (Freebie): In this volume, I want to show you the absolute basics that you need to know to start drawing. Contains 4 chapters on 21 pages.
Volume 02 - How to Draw the Head: In this volume, I will show you a straightforward method how to draw a head from any perspective and how to proportion a face perfectly. Contains 3 chapters on 13 pages.
Volume 03 - How to Draw the Face: In this volume, I will show you two methods how to draw a face from any perspective. Contains 7 chapters on 39 pages.
Volume 04 - How to Draw the Body: In this volume, you will learn how to draw the human body, different poses, and how to draw the body in perspective. Contains 6 chapters on 65 pages.

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Skin Brushes
Hair Brushes
Fur Brushes
Video Tutorial
Proportion Stamps
Perspective Stamps
Basic Heads to build upon (PNG)
DTIYS Exercise Set
4 Sets with 4 Designs & 500 colors
Skin and Face Color Palette
8 palettes with 240 Colors
Retro Color Inspiration Set
6 Palettes with 180 Colors
Neon Color Inspiration Set
15 Palettes with 450 Colors
Hand Templates
Learn to Draw - Workbooks
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All my digital products in one

76 ratings
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